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Local SEO for Restaurants

Having a delicious online presence is crucial for attracting customers, which is why we design and build websites for the restaurant industry.

However, without Search Engine Optimisation your website is the virtual equivalent of a cafe or fine dining establishment in the most remote part of Australia – there won’t be any traffic.

Just as foot traffic is important, ideally you also need search engine traffic to get that phone ringing or the online bookings flowing.

That’s where our SEO for restaurants service comes in.

At Dusk & Dine Digital, our SEO team is lead by multi-award-winning SEO professional, Janet Camilleri. With over ten year’s experience in promoting service-based businesses online, we offer an SEO Services Menu that can be tweaked to meet your specific requirements, and get more customers through your door and enjoying your food.

Cooking up SEO Success!

So, how can we help your restaurant rise like a souffle in search engine results, so it becomes the talk of the town?

It all starts with learning about your business – your goals, your strengths, your challenges, and opportunities.

Equipped with this vital knowledge, we can then make recommendations on the best SEO approach for your business. With both one-off or ongoing SEO packages available (and no lock-in contracts) we’ll find the right mixture to suit your needs!

Our Local SEO for Restaurants Services include:

Keyword Research

Start with the best ingredients
Just as the success of any dish you prepare relies on starting with the best ingredients, your SEO strategy begins with identifying the best keywords for your business.

Website Optimisation

Let’s get you sizzling in search results

We understand the importance of being found when hungry customers are searching for their next culinary adventure. So, we follow our tried-and-tested recipe for success in the search engines, which has been based on over a decade of experience. While we can’t give away our secret recipe, what we CAN tell you is that it includes a blend of the best keywords, great website content, taking care of the technical details, and whipping up such a great dish that the search engines like Google just can’t resist coming back for more!

We’ll work on a targeted strategy to attract your ideal customers, provide detailed feedback and data on how it’s tracking, and refine as needed to continue increasing those reservations and event enquiries.

Google Business Profile Optimisation

Let’s put your local flavour on display

Imagine your restaurant popping up at the top of Google when someone in your area craves your specialty dish? THAT’s the power of local SEO!

Your Google Business profile is like the front window of your restaurant; it’s the first impression of your business online, so it needs to entice and welcome potential customers.

At Dusk & Dine Digital, we can manage every aspect of your Google Business profile: From sharing mouth-watering visuals, to writing compelling descriptions peppered with your target keywords, we’ll ensure that it attracts attention and bookings!

Exclusive Local SEO for Restaurants

When you engage our services on a monthly basis, we won’t work with any other restaurant of your type in your local area – guaranteeing you exclusivity, and an edge over your competition.

We cater for all types of restaurants, from cafes and coffee shops to bars and family restaurants.

To find out more about SEO for restaurants and how it can help build your restaurant’s clientele, contact Dusk & Dine Digital today